Next Christmas to be held March 17th

Apple yesterday announced that next Christmas will be celebrated March 17th. This time we even know the topic: iPhone OS 3.0

Here is my wishlist:
  1. Background processes
  2. Access to network API (VPN Tracker on iPhone!!!!)
  3. Bluetooth API for 3rd Party Products
  4. Wifi Point-to-Point communication
  5. New camera driver: no more blurry snapshots
  6. Voice recognition for dialing a contact
  7. Voice-over for incoming calls ("Peter is calling")
  8. Better iCal integration both to Mac and inside iPhone
  9. Better Mail client (hide folders, search, faster navigation)
  10. Native iChat client (no more AIM)


  1. Your company software is a mess!

    I have used iSale for some months successfully. Suddenly while using it an error message about an authentication token having expired appears and the system shuts down. Following the directions in the manual does no good. My password is not accepted.

    Your support is absolutely non-existent. Terrible. No contact. Emails not answered. Nothing.

    I am the president of a news organization, so I do know something about customer support and this is the worst I have ever seen. We have more than a hundred thousand readers every day. Bad news travels fast.

    After spending hours on the phone, not receiving any acknowledgment whatsoever from your company, even after writing several times, I am livid, to say the least.

    Jim Crabtree
    Environment News Service

  2. Jim, thanks for the feedback. Let me find out what's going on with your support queries. Sorry for any trouble that may have caused, T.

  3. Jim, I clarified your case with my support people. You got mail ;-) The first email contact we have in our system is from last night (03/24/2009 01:27:54 CET). Please reply to the email we sent if you have any other issues. Thanks again for your feedback.